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Iran Visa for Americans
Iran Visa for Americans

Iran Visa for Americans

On the basis of Iran law and regulations in tourism industry, each legal or actual entity needs to have essential authorizations from MFA and ICHTO to ask for visa reference number. Moreover, for some nationalities like Americans, more authorizations are also needed. ICHTO says: to safeguard the aforesaid tourists against any challenge the incoming tours should be highly under security. Since the background of affairs between USA and IRAN has experienced many fluctuations, Iran has made this control a bit more difficult on American tourists. This monitoring starts from the first step of their journey, which is visa collecting process. In fact, Iran-based on its hospitality- never likes finding any problem happened for US citizens during journey.

As above information, clearly tourist visa issuing process for US citizens, besides mentioned organizations` controls, is also monitored by Guardian Council. When there is a journey request to Iran behalf an American or a group of them, the Iranian receptive agency should render it to ICHTO. It makes and observes all the processes from visa issuing till entrance and then exit of the country to make sure everything is safe for them.

Tourist visa issuing process is as follow;
First, tourist(s) asks the Iranian receptive agency to take a reference number for him/her,
Next, if the agency declares it to ICHTO, it declares the guide, the accommodation, and the itinerary,
They are surveyed and the reference number is issued.

Last, agency receives the number and declares it to dear tourist(s); so, tourist(s) can go and collect their visa from Iran consulate bureau.