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Iran Visa Authorization Code
Iran Visa Authorization Code

What is Iran visa authorization code?

Iran Visa Authorization Code or “Iran Visa Reference Code” or “Iran Visa Approval” or “Iran Visa Grant Notice” is your Iran visa confirmation (approval) letter that will be sent to Iran consulate offices or passport and visa offices at international airports of Iran (in which you will collect your Iran visa) by the foreign ministry of Iran.

This approval shows that your Iran visa issuance is approved and confirmed by MFA and you are eligible to collect your Iran visa from any of Iranian consulates worldwide or on arrival at Iran international airports. Iran visa authorization code could be easily taken by one of authorized Iranian travel agencies.

Is it necessary to have Iran visa authorization code to get Iran visa?

Due to new Iran visa policy, all Iran visa applicants should get an Iran visa authorization code (Iran visa grant notice) before referring to Iran embassies or consulates to collect their Iranian visas. It is also highly recommended and advised by MFA to all passengers who would like to get their Iran visa on arrival, to get an Iran visa approval before their departure.

When you have an Iran visa authorization code (Iran visa grant notice), you are 100 percent sure and confident that you will be granted an Iran visa.

Please consider that currently Iran visa approval (Iran visa authorization code) is needed by citizens of USA, UK and Canada as a MANDATORY document to get Iranian visa and they are permitted to travel to Iran just through the government approved official guided tours.

Iran Visa Authorization Code - Iran Visa Tracking Code

How to get Iran visa authorization code?

1- Fill in the Iran visa application form online

You will provide us with your Iran trip itinerary, passport specification, job details and passport first page and personal picture scan through the online Iran visa application form. You will receive a confirmation email promptly and one of our Iran visa specialist check your Iran visa request to see if all details and required documents are correct and complete.

2- Pay the service fee online

After checking your documents, you will receive the payment instructions by email or a call from us. The service charge is normally about 40 euros for most nationalities. You can simply use our Paypal online payment gateway to pay the service fee using your debit cards, credit cards or Paypal balance. Please note that this is travel agency charge to get your Iran visa authorization code (Iran visa grant letter) and is different from the Iran visa fee which you must pay to the consulate to stamp your passport.

3- Receive your Iran visa authorization code

After receiving your payment, we will send your Iran visa application and supporting documents to MFA (Iran ministry of foreign affairs) to get your Iran visa grant notice. It usually takes about 3 working days for MFA to issue your Iranian visa authorization code (Iran visa grant notice). We will then send you a pdf version of your Iran visa grant letter (Iran visa authorization code) by email.