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The website is a commercial website of the TraveltoPersia E-Tourism Group. We are a tourism company based in Poland (Traveltopersia Sp. z o.o) and are supported by Bita Tour and Travel Agency inside of Iran.

Bita is permitted to work in the field of tourism and registered in the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (registration no.: 942/12140/3716).

We are presently functioning as a Polish – Iranian travel agency, actively handling incoming tours to Iran. Bita Tour and Travel Agency is located in Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran.

We are also authorized by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Iran e-visa appointed agency to apply for Iran visa authorization code (Iran visa grant notice) for foreign tourists. We also have permission to operate official tours in Iran.

Our Goal

This website was created in 2015 and our main goal is to help foreign visitors to Iran to effortlessly get information regarding their Iran visa and assist in planning their trip.

There is an array of information on traveling to Iran scattered on various sites and adding to the confusion, visa policies and laws are often changing. So, we decided to gather all the information on how to get an Iran visa and publish them on our site in an organized and convenient way.

At the same time, we are monitoring all policy changes, new laws, and procedures and we update our website regularly. We are commitment to our clients by providing them with updated and accurate info and making planning their trip to Iran much easier.

Other Services

At Bita Tour and Travel Agency we also book hotels and flights within Iran, manage airport transfers in Tehran and Mashhad and issue travel insurance policies.

Additionally, to help our clients solve current payment difficulties in Iran, we have put an online payment gateway (PayPal) on our website so they can easily pay the service fee using their PayPal account or any debit or credit card.

Our aim is to provide our clients with all necessary information to plan their trip easier and to facilitate their trip by offering them our online services and staying in touch with them to ensure that they have a wonderful trip to Iran.

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